Essays in French Literature and Culture

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Benjamin Dalton, “The Plastic Hospital: Catherine Malabou’s Architectural Therapeutics”, Essays in French Literature and Culture 58, 2021.

Essays in French Literature and Culture

About the Author: Benjamin Dalton

Benjamin Dalton received his PhD in French in 2020 from King’s College London. Recent publications include an interview with the contemporary French philosopher Catherine Malabou entitled ‘What Should We Do With Plasticity?’ in Paragraph (2019); a book chapter on plasticity and queerness entitled ‘Cruising the Queer Forest with Alain Guiraudie: Woods, Plastics, Plasticities’ (2019); and an article in Dalhousie French Studies about plasticity in relation to the French writer Marie Darrieussecq: ‘Forms of Freedoms: Marie Darrieussecq, Catherine Malabou, and the Plasticity of Science’ (2020).

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