Essays in French Literature and Culture

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Christopher Hogarth, “Postface: Jamais trop de tropismes! Mining the many mines of the Afropean.n.e.”, Essays in French Literature and Culture 56, 2019

About the Author: Christopher Hogarth

Christopher Hogarth is a Lecturer at the University of South Australia (Adelaide), where he teaches all levels of Literature. His research focuses particularly on the intersections between Francophone and Italophone African and European literature. He has published and edited several articles and seven volumes on topics surrounding migration and multicultural identity in Australian, Francophone and Italian literature in journals such as The Australian Journal of French Studies, French Cultural Studies, Contemporary French and Francophone Studies, and Italian Studies in Southern Africa. He has focused especially on writers such as Fatou Diome, Igiaba Scego, Alain Mabanckou Abasse Ndione and Ken Bugul.