Essays in French Literature and Culture

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Clément Extier, “Marcher courbé dans les ruines : Paysages et sujet romantiques en guerre dans Interrogation de Pierre Drieu La Rochelle”, Essays in French Literature and Culture 57, 2020.

About the Author: Clément Extier

Clément Extier is an early career researcher who specialises in early 20th century French novels and poetry. He earned his PhD (La Mémoire à l’oeuvre. Drieu La Rochelle et constitution du sens : l’homme et la Grande Guerre) at the University of Sydney and the Université Lumière Lyon 2 in 2018. His research interests are in psychoanalytical hermeneutics, historiographical debates, the theory of intertextuality and the writing of philosopher Paul Ricoeur. He currently works at the University of Western Australia, and has been teaching and coordinating French courses for over 15 years. He contributed a chapter entitled “Destins de l’épique dans les représentations de la Première Guerre mondiale dans les écrits de jeunesse de Pierre Drieu La Rochelle (1917-1923)” in Figurations épiques et contre-épiques de la Grande Guerre (Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2019).