Essays in French Literature and Culture

A peer-reviewed scholarly journal published by the French Programme at the University of Western Australia ISSN No. 1835-7040

Gillian Dooley, “Jane Austen and the Music of the French Revolution”, Essays in French Literature and Culture 57, 2020.

About the Author: Gillian Dooley

Gillian Dooley is an Honorary Senior Research Fellow in English literature at Flinders University, and a Visiting Fellow in Music at Southampton University. She has published a number of books and essays on literary and related topics. She has a particular interest in Jane Austen, often with an emphasis on music. She was coconvenor of the “Immortal Austen” conference in Adelaide, July 2017, and she has been curating and presenting programs of music from Austen’s personal collection since 2007. One of her ongoing projects is creating a detailed index of each of the 500-600 items in the Austen music collections.