Essays in French Literature and Culture

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Julianna Blair Watson, “De-Banalisation of Sexual Violence in Baenga Bolya’s La Polyandre”, Essays in French Literature and Culture 56, 2019.

About the Author: Julianna Blair Watt

Julianna Blair Watson received her Ph.D. in French Literature from Emory University. Her primary research focuses on the intersection of criminality, immigration, and violence. Her interests include film and literature of the African diaspora, as well as 20th and 21st century French cinema. She has an article forthcoming on psychological violence and the Algerian migrant population in Michael Haneke’s Caché and has an article in progress about the question of voice and African self-representation in Raoul Peck’s films. Recently an Andrew W. Mellon Graduate Teaching Fellow at Agnes Scott College, she is currently an Instructor of French at Eastern Illinois University.