Essays in French Literature and Culture

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Nadine Gassie, “Les enjeux des repérages situationnels dans la traduction : le cas de Tim Winton et de David Malouf”, Essays in French Literature and Culture 57, 2020.

About the Author: Nadine Gassie

Nadine Gassie is one of the leading translators of Australian literature into French. After graduating from a Master in Literary Translation, University Paris-Diderot (1994), Nadine Gassie worked for a number of prestigious publishing houses in France such as Harlequin, Rivages and Albin Michel, translating American and Australian novels into French. Her output in the last thirty years has been nothing less than formidable, and includes ten novels by best-selling author Stephen King, two by Edward P. Jones (Pulitzer Prize), nine books by Tim Winton, and three by David Malouf. She has won the Halpérine Kaminsky Découverte Translation Prize in 2002.

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