Essays in French Literature and Culture

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Silvia Rossi, “Patients: Reformers or Society’s Waste? A Reflection on the Place of People Living with Cancer in our Society”, Essays in French Literature and Culture 58, 2021.

Essays in French Literature and Culture

About the Author: Silvia Rossi

Silvia Rossi holds a PhD in Italian Languages and Literatures (Univ. Paris Ouest Nanterre, 2016). Her research focuses on the narrative of the experience of illness in the field of cancer, narrative medicine and the role of narration as part of the training of health professionals. Dr Rossi is currently A.T.E.R. (Temporary Assistant Professor) at the School of Public Health, EA 4360 – APEMAC (Adaptation, mesure et évaluation en santé. Approches interdisciplinaires), Faculty of Medicine, University of Lorraine. Her latest book is Écrire le cancer – De l’expérience de maladie à l’autopathographie (Paris: Téraèdre, 2019).

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